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June 2022 | Saturday Club Jubilee 

To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee Weekend, Leeanna's Wish hosted a special stall in Cottonmill during their Saturday club programme.


The event was supported by Herts County Council.

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May 2022 | Eid Party - Saturday Club

To celebrate Eid, Leeanna's Wish hosted a special celebration during their Saturday club programme.


The party was supported by Herts County Council and Faith and Culture Enterprise.

Video here 


August 2021 | Black Futures event in St Albans hailed 'a significant moment for our city'

A sold out crowd attended the Black Futures event held at St Albans Museum + Gallery.

The roundtable discussion brought together six guest speakers in a belated celebration of Windrush Day and one year on from the Black Lives Matter protests. The date also coincided with Jamaica Independence Day.

In the diverse crowd were a number of local residents who had made the journey over to St Albans from the Caribbean in their early youth during the 1970s.

Photos from the event can be viewed here

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Photos: Stephanie Belton

May 2021 | St Albans' Caribbean community launches volcano relief fundraising campaign

April 2021 | Youth engagement event marks Stephen Lawrence Day in St Albans

A special youth engagement event was held in St Albans to mark Stephen Lawrence Day.

Places were limited to 10 people in accordance with Covid guidelines, and participants became involved in The Stephen Lawrence Foundation's Community social activity by writing their own #becauseofStephen pledges.

Organiser Shelley Hayles said: "Black and brown led organisations and charities are few and far between in this area, but throughout the pandemic the ones that do exist have been supporting communities, out of our own pockets. 

St Albans descendants of the Windrush generation with strong ties to the Caribbean island of St Vincent have launched a fundraising campaign event following a devastating volcanic eruption.

The disaster on the Caribbean island of St Vincent on April 9 resulted in thousands of people being evacuated from their homes, but there are still many people in unsafe zones with no running water and soot covers most of the island.  

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