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You can feel safe here. It’s just a good place to be - Young Person, age 15

It’s a really nice place to get out and explore the world - Young person, age 10

Hearing Shelley give some of the ethos of the club. To remember that they are amazing, that they can do anything. That there is no problem that they cannot overcome. Be honest at all times and also empowering them to be leaders. For me, that is an incredibly important thing for our community. You need leaders from all walks of life. Everybody should be able to have a say in how things are run in the future and so we need people to be mentored and not to feel that just because they are not born into wealth or their skin colour is different, or they can’t speak English, that they don’t lose sight that anything is possible and you can be a leader - Parent / Carer

It’s a great experience. They make everyone feel so included and welcome. There is nothing not to like - Young person, age 13

Thank you Shelley for the session. All week my kids love going to club they are so comfortable with you. I just wanted to say huge thank you to you and your team for arranging fun activities for children - Parent / Carer

Football was incredible. I can’t tell you the absolute joy of kicking a ball again - and in a warm, supportive environment, with a proper coach. I absolutely loved it. I’ve had the biggest smile on my face since - #Empower football participant

I have been searching for years in St Albans and Hertfordshire for a club like this. The universe is hearing me - Parent / Carer

I was delighted to attend Leeanna’s Wish Saturday club and I was hugely impressed by the volunteers, staff and children. I saw that the children were exposed to a wide range of activities and there was truly something for everyone. Having a safe space for children from underprivileged backgrounds is so important and we are fortunate to have such a project here in St Albans. I hope that the project goes from strength to strength and continues to provide a space for young people to learn and develop their confidence - Daisy Cooper MP

I was in nursing for over 40 years so now with nothing to do, being here is very good for me and my self esteem. I’m doing something that is worthwhile and I’m happy doing it. I’m enjoying it - Volunteer

I’d love for people to understand the impact it has on people’s lives - Parent / Carer

I feel its a place where young people can express themselves. Its a safe space, its a voice. Its somewhere where if they feel like they are not fitting in, whether its in their school life or in their groups. If they feel like they can’t be themselves, I feel like this club will really support them and give them a chance to grow as individuals - Volunteer

I was inspired by my visit to the Saturday Club, it was such an interesting mix of participants and volunteers and so many activities, indoors and outdoors The young people I spoke to were so enthusiastic and engaged. Given the regrettable hollowing out of statutory provision for young people, we are very fortunate to have organisations like Leeanna’s Wish stepping into the gap - Sandy Walkington, County Councillor St Albans South

It’s a good place for young people to be. They have got friendly people who are always willing to help out but they are also serious at times which is good because it means that you’ve got authority people that know what they are doing. It has turned into this big amazing community full of wonderful people who are always here to help each other. And I would recommend it, completely - Young person, age 15

I am extremely grateful to you for allowing us to be part of your work. Last summer I recognised that we needed to change the way we interacted with our communities and in particular young black and Asian people. I am truly delighted that I had the good fortune to meet you through the local Faith and Community Enterprise Group. Your passion to improve the lives of young people and communities is infectious and you have my full commitment to keep working with you and your colleagues to build on the steps we have taken together thus far - Inspector Wiseman, Herts Police

A massive thank you for the last few days at the club. Getting my oldest into anything physical has been a battle of mine for 2 years. I am thrilled that she’s found something she enjoys, and that’s down to you and the staff at the club. THANK YOU! - Parent / Carer

I’m a local police officer for the area. This is a very different club in relation to its approach. It’s so inclusive, I haven’t seen anything similar to it. We have so many different young people, from so many different backgrounds and that is unrivalled compared to any of the other different groups that I’ve been to. It’s amazing and its really great to be a part of - Officer Kirby, Herts Police

Thank you for inviting us to join in on a celebration of Stephen Lawrence life and getting the opportunity to speak with the youth you are working with. It was truly a pleasure to meet yourself, your team and the youngsters. I can honestly say that we really enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed interacting with the youngsters, thus answering the many questions they had - Officer Khalid, Herts Police

I was mad about football at primary school, but it slipped off my radar when I hit those teenage years. Now, at 30 something years old I am so happy to be back playing again, with like-minded women. A whole hour of nothing but football to think about. Great exercise, great fun, great women - #Empower football participant

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