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What We Offer

LeeAnna's Wish is led by a highly qualified team who have professional expertise, lived experience and a deep understanding of the issues affecting our communities.


We are dedicated to tackling systemic barriers and improving access to services, creating safe spaces and environments where individuals are empowered.


Schools, social work professionals, outside agencies and parents can refer directly to us. We work collaboratively with all statutory agencies including the police. We have a strong network of contacts, having fostered relationships with Herts Police, Herts Sports Partnership, St Albans Council, local schools and businesses.



  • Our over-riding aim is to enable those most at risk of social exclusion to develop essential life skills, and access the range of services in the wider community.

  • LeeAnna's Wish will empower young people, investing time and services to enable them to develop the tools that they need to feel more confident to have their say in the future they are building. 

  • It takes a village to raise a child,” is our mantra. Our vision is about creating stronger villages and thriving communities.

The most deprived areas are often sat right next to the least deprived, and these levels of deprivation can be debilitating. St Albans is a prime example of this.


LeeAnna's Wish came about from our Founder's sister, Cleo LeeAnna, who lost her fight with cancer in 2016. A year older than me, all LeeAnna wanted to do was help people in her local community. In her final days we often spoke about the legacy she wished to leave. LeeAnna's work ethic left such an impact on me and many others. LeeAnna's Wish is a testament to her, her love of community and a legacy for her sons, Sebastian and Xavier.

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